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It was a usual summer day and there was not much to do in the office, Alexander was not thinking about the assignment he had, his mind was set on the vacation he was going to have, he was tired of sitting in the office all day, what the hell! It was summer, it was hot and he definitely needed a vacation, he thought about going to the sea, he wanted to take a break from work and spend days lazily lying on the beach with plenty of tallboys by him, he just wanted to relax, bathe, drink beer and look at the girls in sexy bikinis. Most of his colleagues took their vacation and were probably enjoying themselves on the beach, but Alexander was still in the office cause he had to complete an important assignment. “I just hate it, working when others are having fun” he thought making himself comfortable in front of the computer. He opened his browser and went to www.stories.yourlust.com it was a holy ceremony for him, he just couldn’t start his workday without reading a porn story, he loved reading and picturing himself as the hero of the story, he loved feeling the bulge getting hard in his pants while imagining himself fucking right at the work place, this time his choice was punishment for infidelity and it was about a whore wife who cheated on her husband with a gardener, the story was rather long and Alexander made himself comfortable in the armchair ready to dedicate half of the day to reading and speculating on it. He didn’t feel like working and he decided to plunge himself into the story entirely and completely.

“Hey, Alexander, what’s with you”? It was the secretary standing in front of him and he was so immersed in the story that he didn’t even notice how quickly the lunch time came.

“Oh, I’m just too involved in the assignment I am working now” He said not wanting anyone to know about what he was doing at work.

“Ok, but aren’t you going to have lunch with us?” The secretary asked.

“Ok, I’ll come by in five minutes, let me just wrap it up”

In about five minutes Alexander was sitting at table, having lunch with his colleagues, his dick was rock hard and he even thought of going to the toilet to jerk off. “what the hell, I am spending my time here when I’m supposed to be at the beach” he was too pissed off. His mood was on the low and spending the rest of the say in front of the computer.

“Ok, I’ll just go and get some snacks from the shop” Alexander informed the secretary.

Going to the store during lunch time was the tradition that he rarely broke, he always bought ice-cream, pepsi and some light snacks for himself, he loved working and eating right in front of the computer. Although there was one more important reason why Alexander went shopping, he felt attracted to the saleslady who was working there. She was over 40 and Alexander was in his twenties, she was older but he didn’t care, He couldn’t imagine himself getting hooked with young chicks, he felt hardon only when he imagined himself with older ladies and he just loved Mrs. Emma working in that store, she was a medium height lady, a bit overweight, her boobs sagged and as a matter of fact there was not much attractive about her. Alexander didn’t care, he wanted to fuck her from the first say he set his eyes on her. The problem was that the store was always full and moreover it was a family store and Mrs. Emma’s husband, an old man was working side by side, so fucking her was just out of the question. Alexander was walking towards the store and the sun was just burning him, he was cursing his work and hoping to get a vacation as soon as possible, there was no way he was going to spend the hot summer days sweating in the office.

“Hello, young man” Mrs. Emma greeted Alexander.

“Good afternoon, Mrs Emma” Can I get something to drink, I am sweating and it’s awfully hot!”

“Oh, poor man” Let me get you some coke, my husband went to the sea and I know what it is to spend those goddamn days in the city”

Those words of her “My husband went to the sea” struck Alexander and he even started. That meant that Mrs. Emma was alone in the store, that meant that there was no one to bother him. But… she is a married lady and she is much older than him. What if she calls the police, what if she screams and shouts? Those thoughts were running through Alexander’s head and he didn’t really know how to start.

“Ok, here is your coke, young man, I hope you’ll get your vac soon”

“Oh, thanks, Mrs. Emma” Alexander answered, it was time for him to leave the store but he just needed to stay there, he didn’t want to go back to the office, Mrs. Emma was wearing a white t-shirt, she was sweating and he could see her nipples showing from the fabric, he felt his dick gaining erection.

“Mrs. Emma can I stay here for a while? you know it’s damn hot outside and I am still having my lunch break”

“Oh, sure, young man, you can stay here and talk to me, it’s so boring here, there have been no customers since morning, everyone is at home, waiting for the heat to wear off”.

“So, Mrs. Emma when are you going to the sea?” Alexander asked keeping the ball rolling.

“I don’t know, I was supposed to go with my husband but he went there with his friends, those motherfuckers! They are probably playing cards now, drinking beer while I am stuck up here in this fucking store”

Alexander was shocked, he has never seen Mrs. Emma so angry. She was blushing and her voice sounded so exciting, he just couldn’t wait anymore.

“Well, Mrs. Emma, your husband is a jerk, if I were him I would love to spend some time with you on the beach”.

“Well, young man, I wish you were my husband then” Mrs. Emma said jokingly.

“Why not, I can replace him for some time”, with this he placed his hand on her boobs and started massaging them, Mrs. Emma showed no resistance, she just started breathing heavily”.

“Oh, but don’t you think I am too old for you and besides I am married”. Mrs. Emma said and her voice was trembling.

“No, lady, I don’t think so” besides your husband is not with you now, so why don’t we have fun too.

With these words Alexander put Mrs. Emma on the table, right among chips, chewing gums and some other items for sale. He wanted to see her pussy now, it was his dream and there was no way he was going to miss that opportunity. He rolled up her skirt and saw her hairy pussy showing from the red panties. “Oh, young man, what are you doing to me” Mrs. Emma was breathing really hard but Alexander wasn’t going to strop, he took off her panties and his eyes saw a cunt of a mature lady, a hairy pussy with a red clit that was blossoming like a flower. Alexander knew perfectly how to deal with it and his tongue touched the clit and Mrs. Emma started, “oh, young man, go on, don’t stop” and Alexander didn’t need to be asked twice, his frisky tongue started working on her clit and he could feel her body trembling, he was virtually devouring her flesh, trying to thrust his tongue deeper into her cunt. He was going to make her cum and he knew how to do that, he stuck a finger into her wet cunt while his tongue was furiously working on her clit, Mrs. Emma was on the edge of cumming, his index finger was quickly and furiously fucking her while his tongue was dancing on the clit, “Oh, goddamn it, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” and Alexander felt the juices filling his mouth, her wasn’t stopping and thrust his tongue even deeper, he wanted to enjoy that mature nectar.

“Hey, I’ve not cum like this since college, you really made me feel young again, let me now attend to you cock”.

Alexander didn’t need to be asked twice, he pulled down his shorts and out jumped his 8 inch dick, it was wet with precum and there was no rock in the world that was harder than his dick. Mrs. Emma took his dick in her hand and licked the precum off his dickhead “Well, young man, aren’t you going to get back to work, oh you want to stay here for some more time”. She was friskily playing with Alexander and it was driving him crazy, he wanted her to swallow his dick, he wanted to deepthroat her. Mrs. Emma knew how to give men pleasure, she virtually swallowed his dick and started sucking it as if she wanted to suck everything out of it. Alexander was at the seventh heaven, this mature slut was just gorgeous, she was taking his dick fully in her mouth and it seemed like there was no one in the world who could suck better than her.

“Well, now it’s time someone fucked my pussy” Mrs. Emma said tearing herself from his dick.

“With pleasure”, Alexander wanted to fuck like never before in his life and Mrs. Emma was the woman he desired most. He placed her on the table and spread her legs, her pussy lips opened up and he saw a hole that was leading to the world of pleasure and satisfaction, it was all wet and he could see that Mrs. Emma needed to be fucked like a cheap whore, mature ladies love sex and Alexander was going to give it to her. He pressed his dickhead to her pussy and pushed himself slightly, Mrs. Emma moaned in delight, and embraced Alexander with her legs, “Come on, fuck me” and Alexander entered her, he felt his dick going in and out smoothly, Mrs. Emma was too excited and her pussy was really wide, he started drilling her faster and now his balls were beating against her anus creating a sound that was heard all over the store. Mrs. Emma was moaning and soon her pussy muscles started contracting and Alexander’s dick felt the strongest orgasm covering Mrs. Emma, she started shivering and thrashing like a fish in a net, in a few seconds she calmed down and said:

“Well, I guess you need something tight and tiny, huh?, why don’t you try my butthole, I am sure your cock will love it”.

Alexander really needed this, he wanted to feel his dick embraced by something tight and her hole was just what he needed. He set her in doggy-style and spread her butthole with his fingers, it was much tighter than her pussy and the mere thought of fucking it made Alexander as horny as hell. It was time to fuck that hole so Alexander pressed his dick to it and aimed for penetration, he managed to get his dick halfway and Mrs. Emma was already screaming, it made Alexander even hotter and he pushed his dick in with all his might, now he was completely in her and he wanted to enjoy the moment, he stood still like that for several seconds and then started moving slowly, the faster he moved, the louder Mrs. Emma was shouting, very soon her anus hole got wide and his dick was sliding in and out easily, Alexander felt like cumming and Mrs. Emma felt it too, “So, where do you want to cum young man, try my mouth, I wanna feel it”. With these words Alexander took his dick out of her butthole and she swallowed it again, she started sucking it really fast and soon Alexander felt erupting like a volcano, it seemed like he was cumming for eternity and Mrs. Emma was willing to take everything to the last drop, she was swallowing it and when he was drained she set to licking the cum off his dick.

“Let me kiss you, young man” And Mrs. Emma shared a kiss with Alexender, feeling his own sperm in the mouth made him hot again.

“Well, thanks for coming and I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow”

Alexander glanced at his watch, he was an hour late for work but he didn’t care, he was walking slowly towards the office building and everything seems so well for him, the weather was not hot anymore and he didn’t want a vacation, today was the best day in his life and he was now longing for the next lunchbreak at work, he was going to pay Mrs. Emma another visit and going on vacation while she was all alone in the store was out of the question.

“Oh, I gotta get something to eat on my way home and I think I’ll have to drop in on Mrs. Emma tonight” He thought and smiled to himself.

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Librarian lady

Hi! My name is Craig and I gotta kick ass story to tell you. I was 20 and studied at my freshman year in college. I was the oldest guy in my class… I was a pretty bad student and failed a number of classes. I had to attend detention almost every day. It was at the library hall and I had to sit there among endless book shelves. There was this young librarian girl working in there. Well, she was as young as 27 years old. Sarah - that was her name. She was tall, long legged brunette with 34 cup tits. There was a rumor in town that she was a slot, but none of my school friends and me thought it was true. Sarah was just a hot girl and a lot of envious bitches could make up shit about her.

One day I was kicked out of my class and I was supposed to go to the detention. I went to the library and was the only one that morning. I came by Sarah to say hi and sat down next to her table. I looked at her legs as I usually do and was amazed how beautiful she was. I sat there and looked at pictures in books. I didn’t feel like reading so I just looked at the pictures.

She started talking to me and I kept on turning pages. I could feel she was looking at me for the whole time. Sarah was telling me about her weekend, that she didn’t have time to chill at all because she was supposed to be in school for the new books to arrive. I started turning my head to her and checked her out from her head to her toe. When my eyes went back up her legs she pulled them apart… not all the way but enough so that I could see her blue panties.

I was shocked from the show. Her pussy was sticking out from those thin lacy panties. My dick reacted right away. She noticed the fact. I looked into her eyes and she smiled. The girl asked me if I could go over to her house and help her out with the fuckin books. I asked her what time she said 5 pm would be just the perfect time.

When I got home I could still see those blue panties. I was naïve and was still thinking if she actually wants me to help her out with the books or was there something else she wanted from me? … Or was that just a fantasy?… Finally it was 4.45 pm. I came to her door and knocked. The door opened and I saw this hottie standing in the towel. She excused herself, told me to hold on and went back to the bathroom. She told me to come inside and make myself comfortable. I went in and saw huge boxes filled with all kinds of books. They were if front of the big mirror size wall. I looked at myself, fixed my hair and sat down on one of the boxes.

And there she was. She was wearing amazing white top and a sexy black skirt a little bit lower her knees. We started off with the books. I was stamping them on the page 17 and she was writing down the record. We finished in like half an hour. Sarah asked me if I wanted some champagne. She took out a bottle from the bar table. She asked me to hold on and went to get glasses. I was like “wow! Damn! I will be drinking alcohol!”

She got back really fast. We sat down on the bed and poured champagne into the glasses. I asked her if no one would find out that me and her were doing that. I mean she was a school librarian and I was a student… She said it was fine and it didn’t matter to her because in her opinion I was mature enough to keep it a secret.

We drank and talked like some old friends it was awesome. For the whole time I was thinking of those blue panties I saw that morning. After finishing up the bottle I started thinking may be it was the moment when I could use the opportunity and make my friend down there happy… I was glancing at her with a hungry dirty look and she clearly noticed that. Our eyes met. I went closer to her and kissed her. Sarah didn’t resist. Instead she took my hand on her tit. I was so lucky I started squeezing one of her round tities while my other hand was unbuttoning her blouse.

She pushed me away. I was like what da hell, but she started striping down. Sarah was standing almost on top of me and when she took off her bra I could see amazing and perhaps the best tities I’ve ever seen in my life alive! She pulled down her skirt and was left wearing only black panties. Babe pushed me back on the bed and started kissing my lips. She was sitting on top of me and it felt so fucking right! Sarah took off my t-shirt and started kissing my nipples. As she was going down she started unzipping my jeans.

The only thing that was left on me were my boxers. My huge fucker was sticking out like some gun. Sarah looked at it and went back to kissing my lips. Through her panties she kept on riding and rubbing her wet pussy against my dick. Sarah went down and rushed to take my pants off. My dick jumped out. She bent down, took it in her hands and softly licked the head. Shit…. God! I shook from pleasure. Her lips embraced my dick and she started sucking me.

I was like “yeahh”… I was so happy. Sarah, my sexy girl, sucked it for a bit and took off her panties. My dick felt her juicy flowing wet pussy. Bitch got excited from sucking my cock. I pulled up her beautiful ass and my dick smoothly entered the librarian. Ouch! It was so warm and wet in there. Her cozy puss was tightly taking my dick. Her vagina felt so right and babe slowly moved up and down. She slid on me faster, than back slower. I heard her moaning and saying something dirty like “Fuck everything…” and that I was such a sweet m…-fucker. I picked her up and put her down on her knees in front of that huge mirror.

I was shagging her and kept on watching myself in the mirror. It was like watching some hardcore porn on the adult-TV. I was about to cum. She felt it inside herself that I was so close to shoot. She told me to cum inside her. But I have this habit. I just pulled out and shot all over her lower back and her delicious ass. Sarah whispered something nasty and wiped it off with her bare hand. She took that hand to her face and licked off that white rich sperm.

You’re so tasty - she said and smacked her lips. Turn around on your back, she told me again. I lied down on my back and she lied on top off me so that her pussy was right on my face. I saw her juice pouring out… Right on my face. Sarah started sucking my dick and went further down to lick my balls.

I started inserting my fingers inside her and I felt her cuming on my fingers… those moments she squeezed my dickhead and started sucking on it. Her sexy moans were turning me on…so bad…

I started shooting inside here almost right away. I was cuming inside her mouth and I understood she was sucking it again. We lied on the bed cuddling like real lovers. Sarah said, she hoped no one was gonna find out about the “date”. I said, of course not. I put on my clothes and left leaving Sarah lying there naked.

The next day I told a couple of my classmates about the shag I had with Sarah –the librarian. They also went over to her place to “give her a hand” with the books. She was grateful when I came to submit the books by the end of the semester. We never seen each other again. So, that was my first shag, this is how I lost my virginity. What do you think? Not too bad, huh :)

Responsive secretary

Mr. Thompson, a man of 40 was sitting in the office, smoking a cigar that his friend had brought him from Cuba. He was an executive of a large corporation dealing in mechanical parts for various automobiles. He was a married man with a solid career and a competitive salary, he supported his family and always brought home the beacon. It seemed that he had it made but there was one thing missing in his life and it was sex, well, being a married man he had it of course but it was deprived of passion, there was no fire, he didn’t feel like he was somewhere in heaven as his wife was a woman of over 40 –older than he, he married her when he was 20 and she was 24, he was head over hills in love with her but as time went by he began to notice that the passion was wearing away, she was no longer the woman he used to desire, she was just an ordinary lady and there was nothing Mr. Thompson could do to change it.

He looked out the window and saw that it was raining, the streets were all wet and the sky was bleak and grey, there seemed to be nothing that could put him in the good mood, the working day had just started and Mr. Thompson lazily reached for the papers on the desk but no sooner had he glanced at them, then the knock on the door was heard.

“Excuse me, I am here for the job interview”, the voice belonged to a pretty, young girl who was barely 19 years old. She had a slim body, big brown eyes and beautiful hair. She was probably the girl that drove students crazy in college Mr. Thompson thought.

“Well, come on in and take a seat”, Mr. Thompson just remembered that his company advertised for a secretary and the applicants were to be interviewed by him, he wanted to refuse, but now seeing the beauty near him he was happy that his day was no longer dull and grey.

“So, let me ask you how old you are, you must be aware that we are a large corporation and we are looking for workers with experience and solid employment history”, Mr. Thompson asked making himself look important.

“Well, I am going to be 20 soon, I don’t have much work experience but I am ready to learn”, the pretty girl answered in a merry voice,

“What’s your name by the way? You didn’t introduce yourself and that’s not a good thing for a secretary”, It was obvious that Mr. Thompson was just amusing himself.

“Oh, I am sorry, my name is Emily, you know I haven’t had experience being interviewed and I am a bit worried”, she said justifying herself.

“Emily is a nice name, but do you have a degree or some diploma?” Mr. Thompson certainly loved the girl but he was going to make her feel down and incompetent. The fun was only starting.

“Do you know that a secretary’s job is not an easy thing? You can deal with really awful people and you have to be always nice to them”. He added.

“What do you mean to be nice to them?” Emily knew that secretaries had to satisfy their bosses sometimes but she was hoping that wouldn’t be the boss she will have.

“Come here Emily, Mr. Thompson said”

She came close to him and stopped. “No closer, closer, come on, there’s nothing to be afraid of”. He said encouraging her to make one more step. “Let’s imagine I spilled coffee on my pants and what will a good secretary do?”

“I don’t understand you”, Emily seemed to be confused although she perfectly understood what he wanted, she knew men very well and she was just playing innocent hoping that he would change his mind.

“Come on, Emily, I’ve spilled coffee on my pants, do something!” - to make it look real Mr. Thompson took a glass of water from the table and spilled some on his pants.

Emily bent down and started rubbing his pants, very soon she felt the bulge under them getting harder. Emily was not a virgin and it was a year ago since her virginity was taken, it was while camping with her college, her first boyfriend John promised to be loyal to her for eternity but as soon as they both finished college he left for Europe to continue his education there, she hoped to get letters from him and she even believed that one day they could be together, but very soon she understood how innocent and how naïve she was, with those thoughts in mind she continued rubbing his pants, she was on her way to get the job and there was no way she was going to pass up that opportunity.

“Come on, don’t stop, go on and you see that my friend is a bit uncomfortable and tight in there, let if free”, Mr. Thompson murmured with his eyes half closed.

Emily unzipped his fly and out jumped a half-hard dick, it wasn’t rock hard exactly but Emily knew perfectly what she needed to do to get it rockhard, she licked the dickhead with her tongue and felt Mr. Thompson shake, that was just the beginning and she knew how to make him feel better. She took his dickhead in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. Mr. Thompson sat back in his chair enjoying every second of the terrific blowjob he was getting. The mere thought of being sucked off by a 19 year old, sexy teen was driving him crazy, he opened his eyes and looked into her brown eyes, Emily was sitting on the floor and he was looking down into her big, brown eyes, she didn’t look away and kept sucking looking into his eyes. Mr. Thompson wanted to drive his dick deeper into her throat so he sat up on the chair and pushed his dick up, he felt it disappearing in her mouth, Emily’s saliva drowned his dick and it was now virtually diving in and out her mouth. “Come on!, you gotta learn to deepthroat”, Mr. Thomson moaned trying to push his dick deeper into her throat. Emily kept on sucking it and now her tongue was working as never before, his dick now was rockhard and she could barely take it all the way in.

Soon Mr. Thompson got enough of the blowjob, he didn’t want to stop there, he wanted something more and the pussy of a nineteen year old teen was just what he needed.

“Now Emily, get on my dick and ride it like you ride a horse, show me what you got!”, He sat back on the armchair imagining her pussy impaling on his dick.

Emily stood up and took off her skirt, she was wearing a thong that barely covered her pussy. She slowly took it off and Mr. Thompson saw the yummiest pussy he had been dreaming of, it was neatly shaved and smooth, but what he liked best of it was that it was tiny and tight, Emily was just starting her sexual life and her pussy had seen only a dick or two, tight pussy was all Mr. Thompson was dreaming about.

Emily got on top of him and her pussy pressed to his mighty dick, Mr. Thompson just wanted to tear that pussy apart, he wanted to penetrate her in one, strong jerk but he held himself and sat tight, he wanted to enjoy the moment and let Emily do the job. Emily started slowly impaling herself on his dick, it was too big for her tight pussy but she felt she was going to be torn apart, very slowly, inch by inch she finally sat on Mr. Thomas’ dick and now it was completely in her.

“Now, start moving and show me your skills”, Mr. Thompson was as excited as never before. Emily started moving slowly and soon felt her pussy widening and leaking, she was no longer feeling pain, she was excited too, she was going faster and faster and her tight pussy was embracing his dick tightly, she was in full control and she wasn’t going to stop, she bent over to Mr. Thompson and felt his hot breath in her ear, her pussy was as wet as never before, Mr. Thompson’s dick was virtually sliding in and out her and the orgasm was near, Emily started moving even faster, she didn’t care about the job anymore, all she wanted was to have an orgasm, she pressed herself tighter to Mr. Thompson’s belly and felt her clit rubbing against his belly, in a few second the wave of orgasm covered her and she started shaking on his dick, her pussy muscles her contracting and it seemed to her that she was flying somewhere in heaven, only after a few seconds did she come to herself.

“So, you came now let me cum too”, Mr. Thompson said in a low voice. He would give anything in this world to cum now, he wanted it like never before.

Emily bent down again and took his dick in her mouth, she didn’t even have to suck long on it, in only a few seconds she felt hot springs of sperm rushing in her mouth, there was too much sperm that she couldn’t even swallow it all and some of it was spread all over her lips. Emily wiped it off with her fingers and then licked them clean. Mr. Thompson was lying in his armchair with his eyes closed.

“So, will you consider my position for the job”, Emily asked being confident that the job interview went well.

“Well, you certainly made a good impression on me and the odds are you’ll get the job, why don’t you come here tomorrow at 9, we’ll put you on register and you will start”, Mr. Thompson felt he needed no other secretary. He glanced at his watch and saw that it was about lunch, time flew so fast with Emily and he was happy his work day started so well.

“Listen Emily, why don’t we have lunch in one of the cafes, the rain has stopped and we can have a walk there, after that we will return and discuss some other matters and I’ll show you around”. He said not wanting to let her leave.

“Whatever you say, boss”, Emily answered in a merry voice.

She got the job and she was happy that it was so easy.